The EngageROI Due Diligence Tool

EngageROI is a proprietary Care Management Revenue Modeling tool that reveals potential missed revenue opportunities in the existing FFS reimbursement environment.

Created specifically for PCPs and PCMHs, it's time to recognize the available revenue (and improved workflow) by adhering to CMS policies

Be prepared for the P4P transition with EngageROI

EngageHealth IQ gives you the revenue cycle management support you’ve been looking for

Don’t fail to realize the benefit of volume in your practice. 

PCMH/PCP’s are now equipped with a full view of all the options for revenues, costs, and ROI in the current flux of the fee for service reimbursement environment.

Find a healthier bottom line for your practice with your free revenue analysis

Find a healthier bottom line for your practice with your free revenue analysis

CMS is adding new FFS codes in 2015, but that's on top of existing billing codes for population health services provided by 'auxiliary staff.' The Physician/CEO increases revenues from his own higher acuity care--plus the increase in auxiliary staff revenues, coming from a staff which is delegated to, trained, and empowered."

-- David Trunnell, EngageHealth IQ CFO

EngageROI: Whether FFS or P4P, It's About Boosting the Bottom Line

“We’re talking about as much as a 30 percent return on investment for us from auxiliary staff. That’s a revenue opportunity both primary care practices and patient centered medical homes can’t ignore. The time is now for practices that still have a high volume of fee-for-service patients.” – Healthcare CFO 

Learn more about the EngageHealth IQ proprietary workflow design and practice management support.

Simply get in touch with us to see how your auxillary personnel can change your practice for the better—all per CMS regulations

*An in-depth analysis must be done depending on your state's regulations, on your specific practice, including payer mix, current staffing patterns, number of registered patients, and patient stratification/profile analysis.

More on Engage's Proven ROI

The most advanced patient and team-centric care management solution includes the following analytics and reporting:

  • Automation that also allows for standardization
  • Real-time, actionable patient and client registry
  • Stratified personal and population clinical reports 
  • Stratified financial reports--track financial performance the right way

...All driven by evidence-based conditional logic and proprietary algorithms

  • Close gaps in care through pre-visit and post-visit summaries 
  • Patient and Employee Self-management Care Plan and Action Plan 
  • Integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gather and organize large volume data to deliver accurate clinical and financial decision capabilities
  • Care Master Physician View for holistic decision and performance assessment (patent-pending)