EngageHealth IQ drives significant health outcomes for individuals and populations.

The EngageHealth IQ Solution consists of:

  • Proven software solution to support Physician Practice and Worksite Wellness Clinic embedded Nurse Care Managers and Health Coaches as “true providers” using personal relationships to motivate patients/employees to self-management of their conditions and risk factors.
  • "Game-Changing" patient/employee/nurse care manager centered software. The individual patient and population health behavior and risk factor management application.

Modern physicians turn to EngageHealth IQ for integrated, proven, and ROI-assured solutions.

Watch this brief video to see how EngageAI's advanced algorithm, based on cutting edge artificial intelligence, continuously monitors all patients' health statuses and helps achieve maximized, total care management. 

Photo via PCPCC.org

Photo via PCPCC.org

"Our methodology of communication is fundamentally shifting."

--Paul Grundy, MD, Global Director, Healthcare Transformation, IBM and the founding President of the PCPCC on the drivers of change in healthcare today. 

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Introducing the EngageHealth IQ Pillars

  • Proven Model of Care – Most Advanced Workflow Design
  • FirstEngage – The Super HRA
  • FullEngage – Nurse/Health Coach-facing work engine
  • EngageLearn - Embedded E-learning Library
  • EngageConnect – Proprietary interoperability
  • EngageROI – Proven with these Care Management Principles

EngageHealth IQ Value

  • Best-in-class tools and services to actively engage patients in personal self-management
  • Customized, Self-Management Care Plan that motivates, offers guidance to making positive lifestyle changes, and sustains those changes
  • A stand-alone tool or companion to your EHR/EMR. 
  • A connection between patient-facing tools and the entire care team for a seamless continuum of care
  • Capture and compilation of Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD)
  • Proactively engages, and navigates patients and employees through self-management learning 
  • Reimbursement opportunity for care management in the Fee For Service (FFS) environment
  • A Full Solution: “Smartest” Software, plus expertise in Proven Care Delivery, and Advanced Workflow
  • “Hardwiring” for engagement/motivation/activation, learning, and behavior maintenance
  • Support for nurses performing at the top of their licenses – fully leveraging physicians
  • Embedded Evidenced-based Best Practices - including Motivational Interviewing principles and guidance
  • Nurse/Health Coach/Patient/Employee-Centric (practical workflow design)
  • HIPAA Compliant and Secure platform
  • Cloud based SAAS for lower cost, greater productivity and accessibility

Rediscover meaningful nurse-patient engagement. 

The therapeutic relationship resembles a partnership or companionship. Motivation to change is elicited from the client, and is not imposed from outside forces.
— Miller, W.R., et al