"America's health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system."  Walter Cronkite


Physicians report high levels of stress and dissatisfaction with their work.  “I can’t run any faster!” 

The image conjured is the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald – found at the bottom of Lake Superior – throttle wide open.  Physicians are trapped in this inefficient workflow – “Running as fast and working as long a day as I possibly can!” 

Empowering embedded, specialized, Nurse Care Managers for Disease Management will immediately leverage more time for the physician to focus on more technical care, yielding higher reimbursement.

The EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is a Volume-Based and Physician-Centric tool.  Today’s advanced practice requires a Nurse-Centric EHR.  Then nurses can really leverage physician time for their higher paying procedures.

America needs robust Patient Engagement now – not in 2015 or 2016 with a further CMS deferral.  The research is clear: the nurse care manager, as a true provider with a personal, trusting relationship with the chronically ill patient, yields maximum possible outcomes vs. the remote, “case” manager.

And Walter Cronkite would be so proud!