Engage offers the roadmap and know-how to find the short- and long-term impact that local (and global) decision makers want to see when it comes to how they are treating and preventing chronic disease.

Chronic disease is the cause of two out of every three deaths in Ohio. That’s more than all other causes combined. Figures such as these are in part why EngageHealth IQ is now a part of the Ohio Chronic Disease Plan and Chronic Disease Collaborative.

Ohio’s Plan to Prevent and Reduce Chronic Disease is aimed at improving the policies, systems and environments that are related to chronic disease outcomes and health behavior change.

The Ohio Disease Collaborative focuses on the following, among other priorities:

·      Providing data to inform, prioritize, deliver and monitor programs and population health

·      Improving the delivery and use of healthcare services in order to prevent disease, detect diseases earlier and manage risk factors.

·      Ensuring those with or at high risk for chronic diseases have access to community resources in order to best manage their disease or risk factors

These priorities are very much aligned with EngageHealth IQ’s mission. And although we’re changing lives on a global basis, the plan reminds us of the extent to which we’re working to improve delivery of care and population-based prevention right here in the Midwest. 

A question the coalition has for Ohio healthcare systems is this:

As a healthcare provider, are you taking advantage of the evidence-based population health strategies…to improve your patients’ overall health and wellness and prevent future disease and disability?

While this occurs, several practices in Ohio have been selected to participate in a pilot project aimed at improving access to quality health care at lower cost, the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative (CPCI). Participating practices’ physicians will be rewarded when better coordination of care with patients occurs. In exchange for resources aimed at helping them to do this, patients will see the benefits of longer and more flexible hours, EHR use, and individualized, enhanced care, including access to dedicated health coaches, in some cases of the pilot project.

Now more than ever, there’s opportunity for a better way to support physicians and care teams.

There’s a better way to raise the quality of care. There’s a better way to have seamless, truly coordinated care for people. 

Engage is providing the roadmap for practices making the transition. 

The Ohio Chronic Disease Collaborative reveals that 60 percent of people living in Ohio have one of the following chronic diseases or clinical risk factors: arthritis, asthma, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic kidney disease, COPD, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Additionally, about 40 percent of people living in Ohio have two or more chronic diseases. These figures can be daunting, but they show the opportunity that a patient-centric, robust platform can have for each patient that enters a system.  

The Collaborative is looking at a variety of sectors, including action that can be taken in communities, schools and universities, healthcare systems, worksites, as well as governments.

With the goal of preventing and reducing the burden of chronic disease for all Ohioans, EngageHealth IQ is proud to now be a contributing member of this new and necessary initiative.