"EngageHealth IQ and WellPortals' alliance allows us to accomplish what amounts to a ‘hat trick’ of healthcare: improve the health of the individual, improve the efficiency for the caregiver, and lower the cost of care." --David Trunnell, CFO/COO, EngageHealth IQ 

Healthcare has made a seismic shift towards wellness and patient outcomes. To meet new market opportunities, EngageHealth IQ and WellPortals are combining their individual expertise to develop robust, results-driven products that help drive wellness in large populations.

EngageHealth IQ, a provider of advanced, best-in-class software tools that allow care teams, patients, and employees to self-manage and improve their health, has announced a strategic partnership with WellPortals, a pioneer in online lifestyle modification programs for chronic diseases.

“Our current programs have the proven outcomes, workflow modifications, financial analytics and results that support how our technology improves the health of individuals, as well as the performance of an organization,” said EngageHealth IQs Co-Founder and CFO/COO David Trunnell. “Now, by partnering with WellPortals, we add a much greater breadth and depth of wellness offerings that enable easy-to-use, flexible—yet still scalable—performance-based programs for both corporations and healthcare organizations,” said Trunnell.

In a landscape where organizations continually adjust to the changing healthcare requirements, the partnership allows EngageHealth IQ and WellPortals to act on their shared vision of changing the landscape of how organizations are able to proactively handle employee wellness, and in particular, chronic disease management.

Chronic disease accounts for 75 percent of all healthcare costs. With as much as 45 percent of all Americans having at least one chronic disease, companies are endlessly seeking out ways to reverse and prevent these conditions to reduce costs and to improve individual health.

“WellPortals has a history of being an early leader, and this partnership is no different. By working together, WellPortals and EngageHealth IQ are well positioned to be the performance-based, complete solution for improving outcomes in high-risk individuals,” said WellPortalsCEO Steve Chandler.

“We say that we offer ‘wellness that makes financial sense,and its true,” said Chandler. “With a focus on diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma and obesity, our programs target the conditions that have the greatest impact on the cost of healthcare. The business and healthcare sectors are now recognizing the value of the reversal and prevention of chronic conditions, and our mission is to continue to deliver high-value solutions together.”

The proven model of organization health and wellness management will include:

  • Insight-driven analytics and assessments
  • Structure development, workflow modification, and habit formation
  • Education and proven behavior management techniques
  • Results-driven support and interaction
  • Rich reporting and modifications

Trunnell explains:

 “Business and healthcare leaders are looking for a tailored experience that fits their needs and what they may currently have in terms of wellness/health, a program that influences the lifestyle of their employees, and a high participation rate. We couldnt be more pleased to be able to offer this total solution that has its roots in the clinical world: a robust, yet still accessible, analytics-backed wellness program.”