Introducing EngageROI, a proprietary Care Management Revenue/ROI Modeling tool by EngageHealth IQ that reveals potential missed revenue opportunities in the existing FFS reimbursement environment, created specifically for PCPs and PCMHs. 

EngageROI: Helping you recognize available revenue by adhering to specific CMS policies  

With many more patients walking through the doors of medical practices/clinics across the nation, the question remains: How will we handle the influx of new patients and have a healthy bottom line? 

“We speak with physicians every day and they are frustrated,” explains David Trunnell, EngageHealth IQ COO and Co-Founder. 

“They are committed to delivering excellent care, and they are straining to find ways to handle the increasing non-clinical burdens placed on providers. Add to that burden the increase in insured Americans, plus the growing shortage of primary care physicians, and you have a terrible mismatch in supply and demand. These physicians simply ask that they be fairly compensated for the increasing work they do!" 

“We are pleased to help physicians discover how to increase productivity and revenues while extending total care management to their sickest patients,” says Trunnell.

 “These modern physicians are managing differently–appropriately–and better. They are empowering their non-physician staff to deliver more, and better care. This leverages the physician to do higher acuity work. And it empowers the staff to perform at the top of their licenses and certificates–for greater career satisfaction,” explains Trunnell.

“You cannot imagine the passion and opportunity for excellence this creates for staff. And just imagine how much more satisfied the high risk patients feel.”

EngageROI: The Care Management Revenue Opportunity for Fee-for-Service Reimbursements that PCP’s and PCMH’s Might Be Missing Out On

EngageROI: The Care Management Revenue Opportunity for Fee-for-Service Reimbursements that PCP’s and PCMH’s Might Be Missing Out On

EngageROI: The Solution to Successfully Transition to P4P

The EngageProfit Model also directly supports the transition from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance for PCPs and PCMHs, helping them consider how to better utilize practice-embedded nurse care managers. These nurse care managers, employed by the practice, help absorb the surge in demand, deliver total care management, all while generating revenues.  

With CMS financial penalties for excess readmissions, hospital-based practices can now financially justify an acceleration to total care management.

Leading medical practices are taking advantage of the nurse care manager/care team’s scope of practice to generate additional revenues and to free up the physician’s time, and all under the patient plan of care. These practices empower all clinical staff, including the patient for a full care team. 

All clinical staff perform at the top of their license/certificate to achieve maximum outcomes with this approach.

“PCP’s and PCMH's are saying to us, ‘This is the direction I need to go in to best manage the concerns I had about staffing, productivity, and reimbursement,’” says Michael Pennessi, EngageHealth CEO and Co-founder.

EngageProfit is a staffing and billing roadmap and allowing them to shape their specific care teams, generate new revenues, and position themselves to comply for pay for total care management services. A light bulb goes off, and we have care management labor justification right in front of their eyes.”

Practice embedded care teams consisting of a combination of RN/LPN’s, LCSW’s, MA’s, and administrative staff—are all managed so that team members are empowered to absorb the responsibilities that fall within their scope of practice. 

The EngageHealthIQ Solution is the foundation of the most advanced patient engagement and evidence based care today. With EngageHealthIQ, all care team providers are high performance in delivering evidence based care for maximum outcomes, the Triple Aim. “By providing a general direction for a range of possible ROI’s up to 30 percent for primary care practice team, on top of transition care financial penalty avoidance, and worksite wellness program revenues, EngageROI is a real game-changer,” says Trunnell.

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*An in-depth analysis must be done based on your state's regulations, on your specific practice, including payer mix, current staffing patterns, number of registered patients, and patient stratification/profile analysis.